The Frisian draughts app has the following features:

- play against the built-in engine

  1. -play against an opponent next or opposite of you

- play online against other users of the app

- play an official game, with the touch-move rule

- play with or without a clock

- save or load games

- set up a position

- analyze a played game

- add sidelines and comments to a played game

- look through all of the games of the Personal Championship of the last 5 years

- browse the opening book

- look up the theoretical result of all positions with 3 pieces

To give feedback, report bugs or request new features you can reach us at info@wise-games.com

This application has been developed for the Dambond Fries Spel, and has been realized with subsidy of the Provincie Fryslân.

Enjoy playing!



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Windows 10

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BlackBerry 10

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Frisian draughts